ASN Graduate Council

The ASN is committed to a variety of initiatives to provide more valuable services to its student members.  The Graduate Council actively participates in planning and assisting with these outreach efforts, and serves on society committees, such as the ASN Student Awards Committee, the Workshop Committee, the Regional Society Liaison Committee, and the Executive Council. Duties also include planning graduate student activities at the annual meeting, assisting with developing a web-based community (blogs, discussion boards, and job services), planning science workshops aimed primarily at students that further the core goals of the Society (“integration across the biological sciences”), or other activities suggested by student members.  The current GC members are:


Abigail Pastore, 2015-2017, University of Queensland, Australia

Sheela Turbek, 2015-2018, University of Colorado, Boulder

Emlyn Resetarits*, 2016-2019, University of Texas at Austin

Shengpei Wang, 2016-2019, Syracuse University

Jacob Heiling, 2017-2020, North Carolina State University

Joan Meiners, 2017-2020, University of Florida, Gainsville

Samridhi Chaturvedi, 2017-2020, Utah State University

*Graduate Council President

Previous Members:

Alannie-Grace Grant, 2014-2017, University of Tennessee Knoxville

Matthew Nielsen, 2014-2017, University of Arizona

Sara Jackrel, 2013-2016, University of Chicago

Kim Gilbert, 2013-2016, University of British Columbia

Hannah Tavalire, 2012-2015 (Oregon State University)

Emily Weiss, 2012-2015 (Oregon State University)

Rafael Maia, 2011-2014 (Ph.D. University of Akron, 2014)

Matthew Pennell, 2011-2014 (Ph.D. University of Idaho, 2015)

Courtney Fitzpatrick (Ph.D. Duke, 2012)